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The task was to create a Spectral ambient audio Solution for the Brandnamic Campus – a location that makes a statement on its own. Besides a sonic audio logo for Brandnamic and independent compositions for rooms like the auditorium and even toilets, we created an intertwined audio solution for the outside parking lot with spectacular views at the Dolomites and the reception area/lobby.


The result is an immersive sound experience from the first moment a visitor sets foot on the Brandnamic premises throughout the whole campus. Below, you can listen to abridged 11-minute samples, wich are played in sync on site to guarantee an unparalleled, subtle impact: out- and indoor spaces come alive an connect with visitors on a deeper level.

Outside | Parking Lot

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Inside | Lobby – Reception

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Foster Kent couldn’t have done a better job: they not only were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with, but, perhaps more importantly, recognized the needs of our brand in a way we wouldn’t have expected. We asked for a sound logo, Foster Kent created a sound landscape for every digital and physical touchpoint of our iconic Brandnamic Campus – one we can deeply identify with as a brand. If you haven’t worked with Foster Kent yet – they’re definitely the people you have been looking for.

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