Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hardware do I need to run Motionmixes?

    The basic system environment to run Motionmixes consists of one computer and a touchscreen.

  • What are the system requirements for Motionmixes?

    2 GHz CPU with at least two cores, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD.

  • What kind of touchscreen is needed? Do you have any recommendations?

    The touchscreen should have a resolution of 1024x768 or another 4:3 resolution. Radio stations working with Motionmixes repeatedly recommended the MT-Series from ART Development.

    (Please note: Motionmixes does not support multi-touchscreens.)

  • Do I need any specific soundcard?

    Motionmixes runs with nearly every common soundcard. For high quality broadcast we recommend external soundcards from RME. Onboard audio chips are valid as well, but not recommended for professional usage.

  • Which audio formats are supported?

    Motionmixes works with WAV and AIFF. MP3s are converted during the import and stored as WAV.

  • Are there any differences between the Windows and the OSX versions of Motionmixes?

    No, both versions, Windows and OSX are equally developed.

  • How can I create content for Motionmixes?

    1. You can import your own audio and use every feature of Motionmixes.

    2. You can copy audio out of the integrated music library, Broadcast Motion.

    3. You can contact Foster Kent to create customized music content for you.

  • Are there any workshops or seminars about Motionmixes?

    There are workshops about optimizing workflow on a regular basis. Please contact office@fosterkent.com to find out more.

  • Can Motionmixes create royalty-reports for performance-rights organizations (like ASCAP, GEMA, BMI, etc.)?

    Yes. Motionmixes reports every selection you play in an adequate format (including title, composer, writer, publisher, station, ISRC code and much more.)

  • Is there a service hotline?

    For registered clients we provide a service hotline available during business hours. Please contact office@fosterkent.com for more information.

  • Is it possible to connect two or more Motionmixes clients?

    Yes. Motionmixes has a network feature that allows you to connect as many clients (computers) as you want. Basically, every modification gets automatically transferred to the other clients. The installation is simple and quick.

  • Is it possible to record an input signal from a microphone together with music played by Motionmixes?

    Motionmixes comes with a recorder which grabs the audio signal from Motionmixes to generate new music buttons. With this feature you can define another audio-input to record your voice together with the music.

  • Is Motionmixes able to send out a traffic signal (such as ARI or RDS)?

    Motionmixes has a traffic feature that allows you to send out a GPIO or a UDP signal to start and stop your traffic system.

  • Can Motionmixes handle external controllers?

    Yes. You can receive GPIO, UDP, MIDI and USB-Key commands to start buttons, the On-Air-Mode, the PFL-Mode, and more. You can also send GPIO, UDP, MIDI and USB-Key commands out of Motionmixes to control external devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions