Jingle Of The Week #2


Top 10 in Moscow (men 35+)

Our first production in 2018 was for one of the most interseting stations in the Russian radio market - Radio Zvezda.


When the guys at Radio Zvezda suggested using the theme from the iconic Soviet film “Officers” as the station ID for Radio Zvezda, we were rather skeptical. Partly because we were not familiar with the song and the movie, but also because of our experience of being asked to use historic melodies from operas or national anthems for example. It might seem like a good idea to use an existing melody in a crowded radio market but usually it just doesn’t work out on the air.


Well, we were wrong! As it turned out, everyone in the target group knew and recognized the melody, even when we used variations for a news opener, station ID or transition.


Radio Zvezda - focused on patriotic and military topics - launched in 2010, and it’s clear that a good part of their outstanding success is based on their station ID featured in a Soviet black and white movie from 1971.

Here is the part featuring the song, which became the station ID:

And this is a selection of jingles we produced for Radio Zvezda based on the station ID, taken from the movie:

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